A filipino-owned Korean restaurant offering premium meat samgyeopsal meat around Metro Manila, Philippines.





  1. Simplified the checkout process to : Choose your main products & choose your add-ons > Choose your mode of delivery > choose your preferred time & date for delivery, add your landmark > fill out checkout form to place and complete your order
  2. Added delivery guidelines and all necessary information to help the buying decision of the customer. In this case, they don’t need to jump from one product page to another page just to see the delivery guidelines and other FAQ’s.
  3. Use more lifestyle photos & ditched all unnecessary stock photos.
  4. Focused on having add-ons as well, to help us with the website’s average order value & to give the customers a better experience.
  5. Focused on featuring the main products (set meals) first instead of the solo products from the menu. This helped us have higher sales as customers tend to see that the set meals are more worth it.

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