Philippines’ first social ecommerce company that links farmers directly to buyers through our Kitapreneur network.  This ensures the lowest prices and freshest fruits and vegetables while helping farmers at the same time.





  1. Full revamp on the website.
  2. Since they have hundreds of products (fresh produce), customers can now add products to their cart easily and check them out. 
  3. Emphasized their unique selling propositions for the customers to see the difference between this brand from others and why should they buy from here.
  4. After landing on the homepage…
    1. Image is showing what they’re selling 
    2. Brand tagline
    3. Clear CTA
  5. Reduce unnecessary applications initially installed & remove unused CSS codes – this improved the site speed.
  6. Search bar & Product categories are now more visible for the customers to look for the products they’re looking for.
  7. Added social proof.

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